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No LinkStation is found in the network

Created 10/07/2011 09:41  |   Updated 07/17/2014 10:43
  1. Your computer is not connected to the same network with your LinkStation.
    Since NAS Navigator2 is not able to find the LinkStation, the LinkStation is on the different network from the computer.
    Please connect your computer in the same network with your LinkStation.
  2. NAS Navigator2 is not installed properly. Try installing NAS Navigator2 again.
    If you have not installed the latest version of NAS Navigator2, click here to go to the website in each region.
  3. Security software can interfere with detecting the Linkstation
    Dsable all antivirus and firewall software to eliminate this as being a cause of the issue.

    ImageTrend Micro Titanium
    *The Personal firewall has been removed since Trend Micro Titanium 2011.
    You don't need to operate the steps.
    ImageK7 Total Security

  4. Error occurs on your LinkStation.
    Check the Info/Status LED and make sure this LED does not flash.

    For the meaning of the LED flashig, refer to the link below.



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