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How can I fix the problem when the wireless connection is slow, or gets cut off often?

Created 04/07/2011 10:24  |   Updated 04/23/2014 15:50
Cause Solution

The firmware on the AirStation is not the latest version.

Update the firmware on the AirStation.

Image  See how to update firmware.
The driver of the wireless client is not the latest version. Update the driver of the wireless client.

Image See how to update a driver.
Wireless problems are caused by channel interference.
  • Change the wireless channel.

    [Click the image below to enlarge.]

    Image See how to change the wireless channel (User Friendly Firmware / Professional Firmware)
  • Microwaves or cordless phones use the same frequency bands (2.4GHz) as the AirStation. Then, place the AirStation away from microwaves or cordless phones.
Radio waves cannot be received properly.
  • Place your computer close to the AirStation, and also place the AirStation at a high position.

    [Click the image below to enlarge.]
  • Adjust the direction of the antenna to improve the communication.

    [Click the image below to enlarge.]
The security software is affecting the system. Turn off the security software temporarily.



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