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  1. I cannot install NAS Navigator2.
    [Answer ID: 15810]
    You cannot use or install NAS Navigator2 when using a domain user. Install it as a local user.
  2. 不能访问设置了访问限制的共享文件夹(windows 8)
    [Answer ID: 15406]
    在windows8操作系统下,可以使用Windows Live登陆系统,但是在LinkStation/Terastation中,若要使用访问限制功能,不能使用Windows Live ID。 在使用Windows 8操作系统时,创建任意的本地用户名,并且在访问限制功能里添加这个用户名。 【例】 ○ 本地用户名:b-buffalo × WindowsLive ID :b-buffalo@hotmail.com...
  3. Model Regional Differences
    [Answer ID: 14120]
    Products with the same name sold by different divisions of Buffalo in various countries are not necessarily identical. For example, the wireless channels used are often different in each country, due to government regulations....
  4. RMA's - Data Recovery Policy
    [Answer ID: 14159]
    All Buffalo RMA's are replaced with functional units. Buffalo cannot be held responsible for lost data. All data recovery will need to be performed by the user before sending in the defective unit....
  5. Making Windows Vista PC's compatible with Buffalo NAS products
    [Answer ID: 14113]
    Open the control panel, make sure you're using the classic view, and double-click on "Administrative Tools".  There is an item "Local Security Policy"- open it.Alternative click the start button and type secpol.msc in the search function....
  6. When "Assign authorization to external SMB server" is selected, authentication from Mac OS X 10.8 or later is failed.
    [Answer ID: 15758]
    If the hostname is more than 10 characters, authentication from Mac OS X 10.8 or later is failed. Set the hostname 10 characters or less.
  7. How to: Connect a TeraStation or LinkStation directly to a PC
    [Answer ID: 14140]
    1.Connect the Ethernet cable from PC LAN port to the NAS device. 2.For a PC, double-click the icon. For Mac OS, click the icon in the Dock.NAS Navigator2 will start. 3.Click [Refresh]....
  8. LinkStation - USB Hard Drive Not Detected
    [Answer ID: 14108]
    Formatted drives are detected automatically. Unformatted drives should be formatted in Settings (EXT3 or XFS are recommend). Once connected they appear as shared folders on the LinkStation....
  9. 想要访问设置了访问限制的文件夹时,弹出认证对话框,不能进行访问。
    [Answer ID: 15432]
    在正确设定了访问限制之后,访问共享文件夹时,Windows系统的个人电脑中是不会弹出认证对话框的,和那些没有被设置访问限制的文件夹一样,可以正常访问。 如果是不被访问限制允许的用户访问共享文件夹,就会弹出认证对话框,导致无法进行访问。在弹出对话框并无法访问时,请确认以下以下各项。 用户名和密码要设定访问限制,需要添加和用于登陆Windows时相同的用户名和密码。否则,您可能无法访问共享文件夹。...
  10. I cannot install NAS Navigator2 properly in macOS Sierra.
    [Answer ID: 16069]
    A bug was fixed where NAS Navigator2 could not be installed on macOS 10.12.Please download the latest version of NAS Navigator2.
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