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How to Use Active Directory

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Follow this procedure.

  1. In Settings, select [Network], then click  Image  to the right of "Workgroup/Domain".
  2.  Click [Edit].
  3. Select "Active Directory", then click [Next].
  4. Click [Yes].
  5. In the domain set-up of Active Directory, enter the items as described below, then click [OK].

    Example: "System Property" of Windows Server 2003"
    NetBIOS Name The string before "dot" in [domain].
    Remarks: The name of NetBIOS and that of DNS must be identical. (Apply the left part of the DNS name for the NetBIOS one.)
    DNS Name The whole string in [domain].
    A multiple domain such as "buffalo.melco.local" is not supported as the domain login function for the TeraStation.
    Active Directory Domain Controller Name The string excluding the domain part of "full computer name".
    Administrator Name A username with the domain administrator permission for the domain controller.
    Administrator Password The user password for the user specified in "Administrator Name".
    WINS server IP address The WINS server IP address that exists in the same network segment as the TeraStation. This can remain blank.

    For other remarks concerning a synchronisation with Active Directory, see here



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