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Restrictions on Active Directory

Created 07/30/2012 10:41  |   Updated 09/27/2013 16:21

There are some restrictions to synchronize with Active Directory.


A multiple domain is not supported. The product can be used only under a single domain.


To have the TeraStation join an Active Directory domain, configure it to use a DNS server that can resolve names for the Active Directory domain.


After building an Active Directory domain, the administrator password for joining the domain must be changed at least once, or joining the Active Directory domain will fail.


The DNS name and NetBIOS name of Active Directory domains should be identical.


If there are more than 5 minutes difference between the TeraStation’s clock and the domain controller’s clock, joining the domain or authenticating domain users and groups may fail. For best results, use an NTP server to set the time for all network devices.


Up to 1000 domain users and 1000 groups may be downloaded from Active Directory.


As far as a global group or user is concerned, no extra settings or manipulation is needed, in case a proper trusted delegation has been established among the domain controllers under a forest, where the domain local group or user can be recognized properly with each other and the settings are the same as described above.


There is no access by universal groups or users. Confirm the group settings.



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