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How to Dismount Drives Properly

Created 07/30/2012 10:28  |   Updated 08/28/2014 09:47

If the TeraStation is powered on, dismount drives (internal and external) before unplugging them. You may dismount external drives with the function button, or any drive from Settings. If the TeraStation is off, then all drives are already dismounted and may be unplugged safely.


Dismounting with the Function Button


If the TeraStation is on, hold down the function button for 7 seconds. The blue LED will go out when all attached USB drives are dismounted. You may now unplug them safely, even after blue LED comes back on.





Dismounting from Settings



In Settings, click [Drives].



Navigate to [Drives] or [USB drives].



Select the drive to dismount and click [Dismount Disk].



Unplug the USB device, then click [OK] when the following message is displayed.




Note: To reconnect USB devices, wait for a few minutes.



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