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  1. I cannot install NAS Navigator2 properly in macOS Sierra.
    [Answer ID: 16069]
    A bug was fixed where NAS Navigator2 could not be installed on macOS 10.12.Please download the latest version of NAS Navigator2.
  2. When "Assign authorization to external SMB server" is selected, authentication from Mac OS X 10.8 or later is failed.
    [Answer ID: 15758]
    If the hostname is more than 10 characters, authentication from Mac OS X 10.8 or later is failed. Set the hostname 10 characters or less.
  3. 区分直通电缆(网线)和交叉电缆(网线)的方法
    [Answer ID: 15404]
    LAN电缆(网线)分为直通电缆(网线)和交叉电缆(网线)两种。常见的电缆(网线)可以通过下面的方法来区分,但如果是自制电缆或其他电缆,以下方法可能无效。在购买前,我们建议您事先向销售商确认。 直通电缆这种电缆一般用于连接个人计算机和个人计算机以外的设备(例如集线器和路由器等)因为直通电缆的两个水晶头的相同的线和相同线相连接的,观察两个水晶头可以发现,同样颜色的线按同样的顺序排列。...
  4. When changing the IP addess from NAS Navigator2 or SmartPhone Navigator, the DNS server address is initialized.
    [Answer ID: 15781]
    If a fixed IP address and the DNS server address are set, the DNS server address will be initialized when changing the IP addess from NAS Navigator2 or SmartPhone Navigator. Open the interface and set the DNS server address again....
  5. Model Regional Differences
    [Answer ID: 14120]
    Products with the same name sold by different divisions of Buffalo in various countries are not necessarily identical. For example, the wireless channels used are often different in each country, due to government regulations....
  6. I cannot install NAS Navigator2.
    [Answer ID: 15810]
    You cannot use or install NAS Navigator2 when using a domain user. Install it as a local user.
  7. 不能访问设置了访问限制的共享文件夹(windows 8)
    [Answer ID: 15406]
    在windows8操作系统下,可以使用Windows Live登陆系统,但是在LinkStation/Terastation中,若要使用访问限制功能,不能使用Windows Live ID。 在使用Windows 8操作系统时,创建任意的本地用户名,并且在访问限制功能里添加这个用户名。 【例】 ○ 本地用户名:b-buffalo × WindowsLive ID :b-buffalo@hotmail.com...
  8. What is the full path to FTP directory in the LinkStation or TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14674]
    The default path at login to FTP console starts at root directory. The path to target FTP directory is: LinkStation: /disk_volume/shared_folder_name/TeraStation: /mnt/disk_volume/shared_folder_name...
  9. RMA's - Data Recovery Policy
    [Answer ID: 14159]
    All Buffalo RMA's are replaced with functional units. Buffalo cannot be held responsible for lost data. All data recovery will need to be performed by the user before sending in the defective unit....
  10. 如何应对在备份日志中记录的错误?
    [Answer ID: 15456]
    下面说明再应对在备份日志中记录的错误的方法。※以B开头的错误代码只在TS5000系列中支持。错误代码原因对应措施表示例code 3执行备份时,备份目标USB外接硬盘不存在・确认作为备份目标设备的USB外接硬盘是否正确连接。rsync error: errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code 3) at main.c(634) [Receiver=3.1.0]...
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