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Connect your computer to the BUFFALO router

Created 02/03/2011 14:26  |   Updated 04/23/2014 09:09

Use WLAN AutoConfig to connect to your BUFFALO router.

  1. Take notes for SSID (12-digits MAC address) and KEY (13-digit alphanumeric characters). Use it on steps 3 and 4.
    See Tips to make the steps to connect easier.

  2. Click the network icon in the taskbar.

  3. Select the target AirStation's name or SSID based on your notes on step 1 and click [Connect].
    The SSID is changed when you change the settings based on Tips.
    If you will be connecting to this device in the future, checking [Connect automatically] is recommended.

  4. Enter the KEY which you took notes on step 1, then click [OK].
    The KEY is changed when you change the settings based on Tips.


  • To make the steps for wireless connection easier

    1. Launch the brower, and log in to the router.
    2. Navigate to [Wireless Config]-[Basic (11n/g/b)].
    3. Under SSID, select "Enter" to customize your wireless network name (SSID name).
    4. Under WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key), enter your passphrase or wireless network key for your wireless connection to customize your KEY.
      ***Wireless Network Key will be your password for your wireless connection.
    5. Click [Apply].

    Now, your SSID and KEY are customized based on your settings.



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