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Surveillance Cameras Troubleshooting

Created 08/01/2013 10:34  |   Updated 08/28/2014 09:12
Issue Possible Cause Possible Solution
Video recording does not start. Surveillance Camera setting not enabled. Enable the Surveillance Camera from Settings.
A LAN cable between the TeraStation and network camera is disconnected, or the power is turned off. Check that the LAN cables are inserted correctly.
The video recording policy is not registered. Register the video recording policy from Camera Policies.
The device is not connected to a network on the same LAN, or the device is not connected to the LAN port that was set in Settings. Connect the device to the network of the LAN port that was set in Settings.
The disk is full. Free available space on the disk by moving or deleting files.
The time for the TeraStation and network camera is not correct. Set the time in Settings.
There are not enough camera licenses for the network cameras. Purchase and register an additional license.
I cannot enable the surveillance camera. Failover is running. Disable failover.
Surveillance cameras no longer record video. The target shared folder for the recorded video was deleted. Enable surveillance camera functionality in the Admin interface.
I cannot view the network camera using Live Viewer. The network camera is not registered in some camera policies. Register the network camera from camera policies.
There is an error in the network camera settings. Verify the settings in the camera policies.
There is no recorded data, or the recorded data cannot be found. A camera was added in camera policies while Surveillance Video Manager was running. If this is the case, this video may not be accessible. Restart Surveillance Video Manager to enable searching for recorded video from the new camera.



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