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How to connect a printer to your LinkStation

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Only one USB printer can be connected to the LinkStation.
Bidirectional communication is not supported i.e., remaining ink quantities and other printer status information is not supported.
If a multifunctional printer is connected, only the printer function can be used. Other functions such as scanning will not be available.
Printers which only support bidirectional communication or WPS (Windows Printing System) are not supported.
The print server does not support Mac OS.




Refer to your printer's manual installation instructions. You may need to install the printer driver from a software disk.



Connect a USB printer to the LinkStation.



In Settings, navigate to [Extensions] - [PrintServer], then click [Modify Settings].



Enable print server, then click [Save].



Windows 8:
Click [Network] in File Explorer, then double-click the LinkStation's server name.


Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
Click [Start] - [Network], then double-click the LinkStation's server name.


Windows XP:
Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [Network and Internet Connections icon], then double-click [View workgroup computers] and on the name of your LinkStation server name.



Double-click the LinkStation’s printer icon (“lp”).



Select your printer, then click [OK].


You have added a printer.


The LS-QVL, LS-WVL, or LS-VL series LinkStations support Network-USB server. Alternatively you may use Network-USB server lets you connect to a USB printer attached to a LinkStation from multiple computers. For more detailed information, refer to the user manual, available from the link in the software on your LinkNavigator CD or for download from www.buffalotech.com.



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