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Surveillance Server - How to Movie Recorded Video Data to Another TeraStation

Created 07/30/2012 09:58  |   Updated 08/28/2014 09:41

Follow the procedure below to move (migrate) the recorded video data to another TeraStation.

Note: A separate Surveillance Server License Pack must be purchased to do this.



Click [Start] - [BUFFALO] - [BUFFALO Surveillance Server] - [Data Service Policies].

For Windows 8, click the [Data Service Policies].



Click , and when the Create a Policy screen is opened, enter "MigrateTest" into the "Policy Name" field, select "Migrate", and click [OK].



Click the “Source” tab. Under "Vault", select the TeraStation where the recorded video data is saved. Select "Any" to migrate recorded data on all network-connected TeraStations.



Click the “Destination” tab to select which TeraStation you want to move the data from "Vault" off of.



Set the migration date and time on the "Scheduling" tab.

To execute migration every hour, select "Repeatedly at a defined interval" and "Every 1 hour".



Click , and register the policy.


This completes the settings for moving recorded video to another TeraStation.



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