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Buffalo NAS Firmware: Updater program cannot find LinkStation

Created 06/13/2012 14:51  |   Updated 04/24/2014 08:54

If updater program cannot find the LinkStation, the model number of the updater is wrong or the LinkStation is not under the same subnet mask.


If the updater software is unable to find the unit, there could be a few causes:


Check the model number/name of the unit and the model number/name the firmware is listed under.

If they do not match, the updater will not find the unit.


The LinkStation and the workstation that is running the update need to be on the same subnet.

Sometimes it is necessary to disable firewall and antivirus software while performing the update.


If the LinkStation still cannot be found, try connecting the unit directly to a computer.

Reset the LinkStation using the INIT button to the factory default, set a static IP on the computer to match the 192.168.11.xxx subnet, and run the updater again.



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