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Firmware Update for Buffalo Wireless Devices

Created 06/01/2012 15:12  |   Updated 04/10/2014 14:27

We recommend you to update for hardware issues or other problems that can be resolved with a firmware update.

Please visit http://www.buffalotech.com to select your region and go support -> downloads and check for product updates prior to starting this process.

This involves downloading a newer firmware from the Buffalo website.

  1. Place the wireless router IP address into the address bar of a browser. Log onto the router with admin and admin password.
  2. Click on Update AirStation Firmware or Advanced / Admin Config, then Firmware Update/Upgrade.
  3. To update the firmware, press the Browse button and search for the downloaded firmware file, which you've probably downloaded to your desktop.
  4. Once located, press the Firmware Update button. The firmware update process takes about 90 seconds. Usually, your settings will be retained; you will probably not have to redo any configuration.
  5. If the Firmware Update don't provide the expected solution, you would have to reset the unit.



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