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LinkStation Hard Drive Error

Created 05/30/2012 12:42  |   Updated 04/25/2014 10:49

If a hard drive in the LinkStation fails, execute disk scan or re-format.


The LED illuminating 6 blinks every 4 seconds indicate a hard disk error.


If the data on the drive is accessible, users may need to run a disk scan from the Web Admin interface under 'Maintenance'.


If the data is inaccessible and the disk check function was unsuccessful, the drive may need to be reformatted.
This will erase all data on the drive.


If the format did not fix the problem and the Web Interface is inaccessible, try resetting the device to factory settings using the reset button on the back.
Use a pen or paperclip to hold this button down for 20 seconds with the device powered on. This will not format the drive, it will only reset the settings. Users will need to re-enter all settings.
The device will revert back to obtaining an IP address by DHCP again.



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