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The LinkStation automatically shuts down regularly

Created 04/20/2011 15:22  |   Updated 04/24/2014 08:52

One of the possible reasons to happen the LinkStation automatically shuts down, the "Auto Power Mode" or "Sleep Timer" is in operation.



Check the settings of Auto Power Mode


The power switch or the Auto Power Mode is set to "AUTO" mode, the product will be turned off with all the PC installed NAS Navigator2 is not activated on the network.



Set the Auto Power Mode switch to "MANUAL".



Boot the PC installed NAS Navigator2.





Check the settings of Sleep Timer


If the Sleep Timer is set while the Auto Power Mode is under the "Manual" mode, the power of the LinkStation is turned off at the designated time.



The Sleep Timer cannot be used when Auto Power Mode is set to "AUTO".
The procedure varies depending on your product type. Refer to the product manual for operation.



Check / change the settings and timing of the Sleep Timer.



Navigate to [System] - [Power Management] - [Sleep Timer] in the LinkStation's settings.



Click [Modify Settings].



Specify [Timer Interval], [Wake up at] and [Begin Sleep at], then click [Save].




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