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How can I connect iPhone 5, 4, or 4S to the internet by wireless connections?

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  1. Check the SSID(12-digit Mac address or 14-digit alphanumeric characters) and the encryption key (13-digit alphanumeric characters) of a wireless main unit, and write them down.

    The encryption key is alphanumeric characters combined alphabets (a to k, m to n, p, r to y) except “l”, “o”, “q”, “z” and numbers (0 to 9).
    This example is WZR-HP-G300NH.
    There are two SSIDs and Encryption keys for 802.11a and 802.11g connection on WZR-HP-AG300H.
  2. Turn on the iPhone 4 and tap [Settings] at the Home Screen.

    Press the Home button located underneath the screen frame to go back to this screen.

  3. Tap [General].
  4. Tap [Keyboard].
  5. Tap [International Keyboards].
  6. Check "English" is available.
    Tap [Keyboard] - [General] - [Settings] to go back to the screen.
  7. Tap [Wi-Fi].
  8. Make sure the "Wi-Fi" button is ON.
    Wait for a while until the SSID searching is completed.

    If the "OFF" button appears, a wireless feature is disabled.
    Tap the button to enable a wireless connection.
  9. Tap the SSID from the Step1 under "Choose a Network...".
    If the SSID cannot be found, scroll the list to check it.
    A key symbol appears because the encryption key is set.
  10. The screen to enter an encryption key (password) appears.
    Make sure "Join" is displayed on the keyboard.
  11. Tap the encryption key written down from step 1, then tap the [Join] button.

    The encryption key is case-sensitive.
    To enter upper-case characters, tap the “↑” button (equivalent to the shift key), then enter the value.

  12. When the icon indicating that a wireless connection complete is displayed on the upper left of the screen, the setup is complete.
  13. Press the Home button and tap [Safari] to connect to the internet.
    When the internet screen appears, the setup is complete.

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