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My computer does not recognize the hard drive.

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There are some possible causes for this symptom.
Please refer to the following points on your hard drive.


Cause 1 :Your OS (Operating System) might not support the hard drive.
Countermeasure 1

:Check the following troubleshootings.

  1. Update the BIOS, chipsets, or drivers such as the USB controller.
    Contact the maker technical support of your computer whether any updates are released.
  2. Check if the hard drive supports the OS installed in your computer on the website, product information.
  3. Connect the hard drive to another computer if you have whether it is recognized and operated correctly.



Cause 2 :Your USB port or cable might not communicate with correctly.
Countermeasure 2

:Check the following troubleshooting.

  1. Try another USB port if more than one USB ports are available on your computer.
  2. Connect the hard drive to the computer directly if the hard drive is connected via a USB hub or an interface card.
  3. Change the USB cable if more than one USB cables are available at hand.



Cause 3 :Some resident software such as security software might be affecting.
Countermeasure 3 :If any resident software is installed, the hard drive might not be recognized correctly due to influence of its programs. Deactivate the resident setting of such software or uninstall it, and try to connect again.



Cause 4 :Some peripheral equipment other than the hard drive might be influencing.
Countermeasure 4 :Disconnect such peripheral equipment. Connect the hard drive only with the computer, and confirm if it can be recognized.



Cause 5 :Confirm the format information.
Countermeasure 5 :If any problems are detected in the format (FAT, NTFS) information memorized inside the hard drive, or the format cannot be recognized by the OS, the connected hard drive is not recognized.
Format the hard drive again, and confirm if it is recognized.
Formatting the hard drive will erase the data saved in the drive.

Click here to see how to format your hard drive.



Cause 6 :The drive letter of ther USB devices may conflict with the hard drive.
Countermeasure 6 :Make sure that the drive letter does not conflict with that of the network drive, CD/DVD drive, or USB memory.



Cause 7 :Deactivate the settings of the suspend/resume (energy saving) mode.
Countermeasure 7 :When the computer is returned from the suspend/resume state, the hard drive might not operate correctly, for example, not be recognized. Deactivate the settings of the mode, and confirm connection.
* For the details of the suspend/resume mode settings, contact your computer manufacturer.
* The hard drives do not support the suspend/resume mode.



If the problem is not improved even after checking the above confirmation, the hardware of the hard drive might be out of order.
Contact our technical support for more information or ask replacement.




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