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How to Restore the LinkStation to its Factory Defaults

Created 02/28/2011 10:43  |   Updated 07/17/2014 10:45

To initialize the LinkStation to its factory default, follow this procedure.

Note: For LS-XL series LinkStation, initialize the LinkStation from Settings.



Initializing with the Function Button



The following settings will be initialized:
admin username, admin password, IP adress, and Ethernet frame size
To disable initializing the password, navigate to [System] - [Restore/Erase] – [Restore Factory Defaults] and select "Keep current admin password".

If you choose to not initialize the admin password from the function button, you can no longer configure the LinkStation if you forget the password! Write your password down and put it in a safe place.




Turn off the LinkStation.



Turn the LinkStation on with holding down the function button. The function LED will flash blue.



Press the function button again while the LED is flashing.
The status LED will flash blue. It will start flashing amber when initialization begins.


When the LED changes to a steady blue, the initialization has been done.





Initializing from Settings


Note: This initializes the LinkStation’s settings. All settings are restored to their factory defaults. Saved data is not erased.



In Settings, navigate to [System] - [Restore/Erase].



Click [Restore LinkStation].



The "Confirm Operation" screen will open. Enter the displayed number within 60 seconds, then click [Apply].



Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
The LinkStation will be restored to its factory default settings.




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