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How do I change the RAID mode to RAID1 on my hard drive?

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Several RAID modes are available for LinkStation models with multiple hard drives.
LinkStation with only one hard drive do not support RAID modes.

By default, RAID mode is set to RAID0. If you change the mode, follow the steps below.
All data will be lost when the RAID mode is changed.
Back up any important data before changing RAID modes

※Identical data is written to 2 hard drives simultaneously in a mirrored array. If one drive of a pair is damaged, data can be recovered by replacing the damaged drive. (If both drives are damaged, data can not be recovered).

  1. Change system to normal mode.
    Click here for how to setup for normal mode.

  2. Click [System]-[Storage]-[RAID Array] in the Web Admin interface.


  3. Click the array you want to configure.


  4. Select hard drives to use in RAID 1.


  5. Image

    (1) Select [raid1].
    (2) Click [Create RAID Array].


While the array is being built, the file transfer speed will be slower than usual for hours. It will take about 6 hours for a 1 TB RAID array.
The Info/Error LED or the Power LED will blink amber while the array is being built.
Do not turn OFF the LinkStation while the RAID array is being built.

  1. The [Confirm Operation] screen will appear. Enter the number shown in the [Confirmation Number] field within 60 seconds, and then click [Apply].
  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

When the build finishes, the LED will stop blinking. You have set up a RAID 1 array.

RMM(RAID Mode Manager) and EDP(Easy Data Protection) function:
With RMM or EDP function, you can create or expand a RAID1 or RAID5 array without erasing the data on the drives if it meets below conditions. More than 3 hard drives are necessary for RAID5.

Changing from normal mode to RAID1:
  • More than one hard drive which shows [Normal(EDP available)] or [Normal(RMM available)] on the setting screen of LinkStation is available.
  • More than two hard drives which are not in a RAID array are available.
Adding a drive to an existing RAID array or adding a drive and changing the RAID mode:
  • RAID array of RAID1 or RAID5(3 hard drives) is available.
  • More than one hard drive which shows [Normal(EDP available)] or [Normal(RMM available)] on the setting screen of LinkStation is available.
※Each hard drive need to be the same capacity.



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